April 08, 2021 3 min read

How Do I Choose A Ring?

Searching for a ring? With so many wonderful styles and designs to choose from, it can seem like a daunting prospect to find the perfect ring. Following a few guidelines before you begin to look will help you narrow down the search because there are many things to consider. Will this ring be a casual accessory to go with a pretty beach outfit, or is it going to represent something more long-lasting and meaningful, like an engagement ring or a wedding band? To help you decide, we’ve put together a few ideas for you as you search for that perfect ring.

What occasion is this ring for?

Answering this first question will start you on the right path to finding that perfect ring. If it is for an engagement, you may like to choose this ring alongside your significant loved one as their preferences will also need to be considered. You could always propose on one knee with the ring of your choice glittering in a box, but that is a risky move as the style and design you like may not be something your loved one would want to wear for the rest of their lives! However, if they love to wear rings, you may get a hint of what they already like by observing the styles they usually wear. Why not take them for a casual walk by a jewelry shop window to see which style of ring really makes their eyes sparkle? You can't go wrong with gold and diamonds, such as this 14k White Gold & Diamond Spiral Engagement Ring.

14k White Gold & Diamond Spiral Engagement Ring


The other thing to consider is which precious metal to choose for the ring. Rings come in a range of finishes, from silver plate and platinum to gold and rose gold. Some people like to stick to jewelry in one type of precious metal, such as gold or silver hues, while others like to match the color of their jewelry to their skin tone. Those with a warm skin tone tend to look good in gold and soft rose colors, while those with a cool skin tone may prefer silver, platinum or titanium.


The next thing to consider is what size ring to choose. If you are looking for a wedding band, for example, you will want to make sure that it will fit alongside the engagement ring if your loved one will be wearing one. In this case, a narrower wedding band would be preferable. If the ring is going to be a class ring or a friendship ring, it can be a larger size as it will probably be worn on its own.

Which Style?

There are many styles of rings to consider, from classic and traditional to contemporary, modern, or even boho and fantasy rings. If the ring is for you, you can just enjoy the process of finding your perfect ring. However, if it is for a friend or loved one ,think about what style they would prefer. Are they a traditional person, wearing just one or two select pieces of jewelry, or are they into fantasy TV shows and heavy metal music? Just thinking about your loved one’s character and preferences can help you decide which ring to choose. A cloisonne ring, like this Red Conundrum Enamel Ring, is an unusual but beautiful choice.

Red Conundrum Enamel Ring


Measurement is an important step that cannot be guessed. Knowing which size ring to buy will make the moment when you present the ring to your loved one or friend even more special. However, this can be tricky if it's a surprise. You might ask to try on one of their rings and see which finger it fits on your hand. This will give you a good idea of their size. If you are choosing the ring together, you can order a ring sizing guide online. you could also head to a local jewelry store, where they will be happy to find the correct size for you. A correct ring size is very important as it will ensure the ring sits comfortably on the finger and isn’t too loose or tight.


Looking for the perfect ring is such a wonderful adventure. Be sure to take some time to think about style, size and design before you begin to look. If the ring is going to be an engagement or wedding ring, you will want it to stand the test of time. Following a few simple guidelines will help you narrow down the search so you can find that special ring.

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