March 18, 2021 3 min read

Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Although Pandora produces a wide collection of jewelry items, including earrings, rings, and necklaces, the Danish company is best known for its range of stunning bracelets and charms. Since the company started producing the charm bracelets back in 2000, they have grown in popularity, quickly becoming a "go-to" choice of gift for special occasions. In addition to looking gorgeous and being a stylish addition to any outfit, a charm bracelet has sentimental value, and part of the appeal is that the charms are meaningful symbols. Because Pandora produces such beautiful charms on a range of themes - hobbies, travel destinations, film and literature characters and icons, as well as life events and spiritual symbols - they make ideal gifts for others and perfect trinkets to purchase for yourself.

Styles of charms

Pandora produces a range of bracelets on which to wear the charms, but many people don’t - or can’t - wear bracelets, so does this mean they have to miss out on the beauty and style of Pandora charms? We’re happy to say that it is possible to use Pandora charms on necklaces, which gives you much greater flexibility to make the most of the elegant items.

Styles of charms

Pandora charms come in several styles, and all of the styles can be worn on various necklaces. Dangle charms hang from a base ring that threads onto the bracelet or necklace; clip charms open and clip closed around the chain, and the most recognizable style of Pandora charm has a hole through the middle, so it threads directly onto the bracelet or necklace. We'll outline some different types of necklaces below and how they can be used to wear different kinds of Pandora charms.

Create your own pendant using a plain necklace chain

Using a Pandora charm on a plain chain allows you to create your own personalized, meaningful pendant. You might already have an appropriate chain or you may wish to purchase a chain especially for the charms, but you will need to consider the thickness of the chain you are putting the charms on. Although substantial necklaces or chokers may be able to take several charms, thinner, more delicate chains may not be able to hold more than one or two. It is important not to overload a fine chain as it may cause damage.

Simple Gold Necklace

A necklace such as this Simple Gold Necklace would make the perfect base for any charm, particularly a dangle charm, as it will naturally hang beautifully from a chain. If you use a more substantial chain, such as a snake chain, you can thread on several charms just as you would with a charm bracelet and the charms that thread directly onto the chain would work really well, as would the clip charms.

Enhance a pendant necklace

If you have a pendant you are particularly fond of, you might like to add one or more charms to the necklace to enhance it. Adding a charm on either side of a pendant can make a real statement piece of jewelry, perfect for a special occasion. A birthstone pendant, like this December Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Necklace, is also the perfect personalized base for adding other sentimental charms so you have a really meaningful piece of jewelry.

December Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Necklace

You will need to look carefully at the necklace chain to ensure it is substantial enough to hold the additional charms as you don’t want to cause any damage, but combining charms with other jewelry items allows you the freedom to create a completely personalized and unique piece of jewelry that can be customized by selecting different charms for different occasions.

Thread varying charms on a choker

Because a choker fits closely around your neck, it makes a secure base on which to add a variety of charms. If you want to be able to wear several charms at once, a choker might be the best option for you as its snug fit keeps the charms spaced evenly without the charms collecting together at the front and weighing it down. On a choker, the charms sit elegantly around the neck. Chokers come in a range of styles, from chains and ribbons to soft leather. If you are purchasing a choker specifically to display your charms, ensure the necklace can fit through the charm.

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